About ShotOnSet!

ShotOnSet? is a site that allows everyone to share their ‘Behind the Scenes’ pictures organized by movie or tv show title or equipment being used in the image. We want to aggregate all the millions of images, collected by many out there and make them available to everyone for viewing in one public venue.

We are building indexes of various ways to see groupings of images; perhaps you want to see everything by a certain director, equipment manufacturer, particular dolly or year. Please let us know your thoughts on this effort and any ideas you may have.

ShotOnSet! is an educational site devoted to the visual study of equipment and practices captured on set during the making of commercials, television, movies, films, shorts, music videos or other interesting venues from which we can learn.

We are interested in images made at any time in the history of motion pictures and TV. Share your collection of classic and vintage photos as well as your recent productions! We welcome pictures taken on and sent from phones, from websites or personal collections.

We appreciate questions and comments.

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