About The ShotOnWhat? Group

The ShotOnWhat? group of sites is now a powerful interconnection tool which links movies with images, products with movies, technical specifications with Oscar winners or directors, etc. It is an increasingly robust compendium of facts about movie production. Our audience and contributors, which includes industry professionals as well as researchers and other interested parties, grows daily.

ShotOnWhat? is dedicated to the production and post production activities of the movie and tv industry. It is an
historical compendium of information related to production and post for movies and tv built by industry and community input.

OnSet! is an image aggregating site where, thru community input, the Behind the Scenes Photo Collection grows. We believe strongly that images on the Web should give proper credit to the photographers and copyright holders.

Copyrights are the property of individual rights holders.

Have any interesting or funny memories you want to share?

After the movie comes out – do you have cool pics of BTS gear in action or a story to tell?

Researchers? Indie Filmmakers? Grad Students? Technophiles? Any INFO Appreciated Greatly!

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