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Status Updates – May 19, 2019

This week we got the Poster Uploader working again. We also fixed a few bugs with Titles, Pagination and the Sort Tools. We’ve also started publishing the over 200 updates loaded in the system.

Also working on the setting up auto-postings for social media, so be sure to follow us to get the latest updates and images!

We are doing a lot of performance adjustments, so the site may be unavailable for a few seconds while a process or two reloads. Just check back literally in a moment and things should be normal again. It is a new server, so it requires a little tuning to make it happy. We are trying to make the site as fast as possible, but we have a lot going on with our posts, so that takes a lot processing to create a page.

Help us keep up the pace, please take a moment to contribute to the fund that will help us pay for servers, programmers and data entry.

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