The Monstro is RED’s top of the line sensor, it sees EVERYTHING, it’s physically wider than every other Vistavision format camera on the market and with the highest resolution and widest dynamic range, you cannot hide anything from this sensor.

The RED Monstro tells all.

I needed to know what I was getting myself into with this sensor if I were to use Xeen lenses on it. How much of the sensor would they cover – and how well would they do it? Keep in mind that the XEEN were really originally tailored for Full Frame Stills, which is only 36mm x 24mm, so this this test is pushing the limit. Haha, but that’s what I like to do – push it to the limit! I tend to like to use the XEEN on my gimbal and aerial rigs because, as cinema lenses go, they are feather light. That said, they are very affordable lenses, and honestly that usually means something’s got to give – I just needed to know what and by how much.

Chip charts and meters can only tell you so much about a lens. At the end of the day, you need to get out there and shoot. It’s the best way to truly see how the characteristics of a set of lenses will impact an image, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.


Source: https://www.thehurlblog.com/xeen-lenses-in-action-on-the-8k-red-monstro/