July Status Updates

Great news!

Adding new movies to the system is now working again. So you can update and add new movies and television shows. Be sure to add your behind the scenes photos.

So we can gladly say all systems are operational again!

We invite you to ‘Go Ad-Free‘ at ShotOnWhat? and help us add new movies! We added a new feature to allow you to view all the sites free of ads. Go here to sign up, it’s only two bucks a month!

We are now working through the backlog of movie updates in the system and slowly continuing to improve mobile phone and tablet use.

Help us keep up the pace, please take a moment to contribute to the fund that will help us pay for servers, programmers and data entry.

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Help spread the word about ShotOnWhat.com and be sure to tell everyone you know to add information about projects they worked on.

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