How to Put a Vintage 8mm Look on Your Digital Video

Want to turn your super crisp digital footage into grainy, nostalgic 8mm footage?

There’s something about movies shot on an 8mm camera that makes you get all misty and nostalgic, right? This look has always had a following, but lately, it has come back in style among videographers, social media influencers, and even filmmakers. (American Honey, A Ghost Story, and First Reformed were all shot with the same 1.33.1 aspect ratio as typical 8mm film.)
So, whether you want to infuse your next project with a little bit of a vintage feel or if you’re just dinking around for fun because Super 8 films are awesome, filmmaker Peter McKinnon has a few tips and tricks that will help you make it as authentic-looking as possible in Adobe Premiere Pro despite shooting with a high-tech digital camera. And I’m not just talking about throwing on an 8mm film grain overlay and adding a sweet vintage LUT. Check out his tutorial below:


Here are the tips McKinnon shares in his video:

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Source: How to Put a Vintage 8mm Look on Your Digital Video