About ShotOnWhat?

A Central Archive

ShotOnWhat? is dedicated to preserving detailed data about the Production & Post-Production aspects of the Motion Picture industry creating the most comprehensive collection of technical information available.

If it has been seen on TV or shown in a theater, we are gathering as much technical information as possible about the cameras, lenses, gear, post, sound, VFX and other associated elements, processes, and notations.

On September 17, 2012 we began collecting details and making the information searchable, cross referencing it, and creating some trending to observe long term shifts in technology.

In time, this repository of technical and equipment data will grow to become essential for industry professionals and the production history, stories, anecdotes and details will be invaluable for professionals, researchers, students, and movie-buffs alike.

A Community Built Historical Resource

ShotOnWhat? is the central place to quickly note details about productions. We designed this site as a framework that will provide a place for the Production and Post-Production community to participate in the compilation of both specific details and stories that enhance the vibrant and ongoing history of the growing list of technical details that are the Film & Television industry’s nuts and bolts.
Audience at Orpheum

Over time, as crew members submit information on their craft, each production’s information will start to take on a more informative profile enabling current and future generations to study and enjoy the film-makers’ process.

Anyone with accurate knowledge about the Motion Picture industry is encouraged to add and update information and record the details and history of the significant contributions Production and Post-Production technology has made to the entertainment industry.

So please add your productions. Send us lists and links to information. Be sure to follow us on twitter @ShotOnWhat and don’t forget, when you are on set, send a tweet about your gear.

Missing something? Have an idea? Want to ask a question or refer us to a resource. Have a photo of early gear or working set? Please contact us. We welcome feedback – go here to send us a note.