FAQ Membership

Advantages of membership include

  • Ability to add or update movie titles
  • Ability to annotate individual fields with special notes etc from review page
  • Ability to add or update posters
  • Contribute to the Zine
  • Associate interesting stories about movie making with titles
  • Subscribe to branded pages for products (S)
  • Periodic emails and monthly newsletter
  • Requires Login
    • Your display name can be anything you like.  Note that you need to click Submit so that new choices for display name can appear in the drop down box.

Login Menu – ShotOnSet

  • The word Login on the SOS Menu will change to your display name when you are logged in.
    • Images – Edit or delete
    • Following – Members, Categories, MovieTitles or Gear – added by clicking the green (plus +) signs
    • Followers – Members who are following your image contributions
    • Comments – manage email notices of comments made to images you have commented on
    • Profile – manage login information such as passwords, display name and avatar or picture.  Notice your public profile link at top of page.
  • We will not share login with any outside party