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Company Branded Pages afford manufacturers and others the unique opportunity to display their logo and other pertinent information each time one of their products is viewed at ShotOnWhat? For example : Angenieux

    Subscribing to this in-content marketing is as easy as 1, 2, 3 …

  • Order – Select your company & main product line to display Branded Page information.
  • Access – You will then be notified by email when your new pages are configured.
  • Brand ! – Once you enter the product details, your branded page will be up and running.

    Helpful Hints

  • Branding is intended to be informational and in the long term can be used for historical purposes.
  • Review your Branded Pages periodically to add, update or refresh images and information.
  • For pricing information, link directly to your website.
  • We reserve the right to edit typographical errors, and for reliability and consistency.

Pricing structure: $25 per month for the main page you are branding.
Each additional product page + $2 per month.
Annual payment discounted by 10%.

The Details

One! Ordering Your Branded Pages

Before you order, review the drop down selections to be sure all the items you want to include appear.

If something is missing, go Here to have new items added to the system.

Select your main company product line(s) from the the drop down box and click OK.

There is a discount if you choose to pay 12 months in advance. Choose either 6 or 12 month time frame to proceed to the Payment process (Paypal). Once your payment has been processed and your branded page set up, within 24 hours (often less) – you will receive an email notice.

Two! Gather necessary files and data. Review information you will need for Branding.

  • Images – For the initial branding you will need to have a company logo and a digital image of each product you plan to brand as well as the product and contact information. Images must be locally available to the computer you are using to complete the form.
    • Product photographic image or logo – a high quality image will display at a maximum dimension of 300px W * 200px H. Input image can be larger than final display size. Acceptable formats: jpg or png.
    • Corporate Logo – A high quality image, will display at a maximum dimension of 125px wide. Acceptable formats: jpg or png. Input image can be larger than final display size.
  • Product Description – Detailed description for the product page – appears under the product image.
  • Introduced Date – date the product was introduced to the market.
  • Discontinued Date – date the product was no longer manufactured or removed from the market.
  • Company Description – Information or byline for the company being represented.
  • Contact Name – The full and proper company name to be displayed
  • Contact Phone – Publicly displayed contact phone number for product page – One only
  • Contact email – Publicly displayed contact email for product page – One only
  • Web Address – Publicly displayed contact web address (URL) to link from the product page – One only. Should be unique for each product page
  • Details – Enter any additional information here, appears under the logo/contact area

Watch for your email from ShotOnWhat!

Three! Managing Your Branded Pages

Associating products with your brand information is the last step.

Once we have set up your Branded Account it will be associated with the login account you used to placed the order.

Go to Login Menu > Brands in

For the initial branding you will need to have available locally on the computer you are using the company/division logo and a digital image of each product you plan to brand.

The Manage Branded Page lists the products you have ordered.

If you start with the uppermost level and complete the information, you can use copy for the other items to prefill many fields with information that is typically the same for all. You can overwrite information in any field. Be aware that the copy function works by copying the items from the immediate parent item with status of ‘Current’.

When you have completed the information for each of your products click submit. You can overwrite any field you wish, change the Logo and Product images, etc. at any time.

    Manage Branded Pages Legend

  • [ToDo] = no fields filled out
  • [Partial] = Some fields are filled out
  • [Current] = all fields filled except for ‘discontinued’
  • [Complete] = all fields filled out, nothing empty

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