Company Branded Pages FAQ

Managing Your Branded Pages

Once we have set up your Branded Account it will be associated with the login account you used to placed the order. You will be notified by email when your new pages are ready for you to edit.

Go to Login Menu > Brands in

Manage Branded page lists the products you can manage.

If you start with the uppermost level and complete the information, you can use ‘copy’ feature for the other items to pre-fill many fields with information that is typically the same for all. You can overwrite information in any field. Be aware that the copy function works by copying the items from the immediate parent item.

When you have completed editing the information for each of your products click ‘Save’. You can overwrite any field you wish, change the Logo and Product images, etc. at any time.

Images and information you will need for building your Branded Pages.

  • Images – For the initial branding you will need to have a company logo and an image of each product you plan to brand as well as the product and contact information.
    • Header Image – behind the scenes, film still or other relevant images showcasing your company or products. 16:9 aspect ratio, 1920×1080 max resolution. Acceptable formats: jpg or png.
    • Product Photo – a high quality image will display 325x325px max resolution. Acceptable formats: jpg or png.
    • Corporate Logo – A high quality image, will display at a maximum dimension of 80x80px. Acceptable formats: jpg or png.
  • Product Description – Detailed description for the product page – appears adjacent to the product image.
  • Introduced Date – date the product was introduced to the market.
  • Discontinued Date – date the product was no longer manufactured or removed from the market.
  • Company Description / Tag Line – Information or byline for the company being represented. Appears under the Header Image.
  • Contact Name – The full and proper company name to be displayed.
  • Contact Phone – Publicly displayed contact phone number for product page.
  • Contact email – Publicly displayed contact email for product page.
  • Web Address – Publicly displayed contact web address (URL) to link from the product page. Should be unique for each product page.
  • Specifications – Include details about your products or services.