FAQ ShotOnSet!

ShotOnSet! focuses mainly on images related to the activities and equipment used in film-making.

ShotOnSet! would like to properly credit photographers with links to their websites and copyright holders as they may differ from the photographer. On our form, we have included places for references, photographer and website, copyright holder and a bunch of other info. We also want to properly credit all the people who appear in the photos as well as identify any and all gear in those photos.

We have comments available on each image page, and encourage people to identify who is in the image as well as who took the image. We will then update the image information on that page. Historical reference is the primary goal of this image aggregation site.  Thank you for participating.

Please REGISTER and LOG IN to use all the features of ShotOnSet. The information is used to link your follow choices and allow you to manage images submitted by you. You retain your image rights. Your information will never be distributed. We may periodically send you updates about the enhancements made to ShotOnSet or to ShotOnWhat?.


HOME – A wall of all images displayed in reverse chronological order by date the image was added to ShotOnSet. Click on any page to display that image in gallery mode.

GALLERY Page – Click on the image to see a pop-up version. Click on the Circle X or click off the image to return to standard size.
If you have additional information about an image please add it in the Comment field. We also welcome corrections or suggestions.

SEARCH – You can create a temporary collection of all images that contain your search text. i.e. Searching for car will get lots of car pictures but might also include images of Carrie Fisher or the movie Carrie.

BROWSE – View a wall of images grouped by category or by title or by gear name.

ADD PHOTO – Choose images that are medium to large size for clarity.
Add as much information as you wish to the description field.
If your images can be linked back to a website enter the article title and URL in the refernece fields.
If you know the date and/or copyright information please add that.

NOW – Displays current counts in various ways. Click on any image to see that image in the gallery.

FOLLOW – Throughout the site the Green + plus mark when clicked will add that collection to your Follow wall. To manage your selections go to Following in the far right drop down menu.

YOUR name or AVATAR NICKNAME – appears on the far right menu item if you are logged in. To see images you have submitted click Images. To manage your follow selections go to Following in the far right drop down menu. To see who might be following your selections click Following. To manage your login profile click Profile. You may change your avatar anytime you like.


Note Bene: Please be sure that any image you post to this site is approved for release and does not violate any contract or agreement you have signed.  Please include  relevant copyright/creative credit information. Thank you.

You can submit images or videos* from a website with an URL. You may also upload an image file or take a photo with your mobile device. You will need to be logged in to add images. You retain the rights to your originally created images.  All rights remain with the respective owners.

After you have selected an image or images, the system will guide you through a few more steps. We require just a few things clearly noted on the form but we ask that you be as informative as possible. If you put in the movie title, the image will be associated with the corresponding information when available at ShotOnWhat.com.


If you know the name(s) of any one in any image now on the site or if you know the copyright or creator information, please write the information in the comments. We monitor the comments regularly and will update the record.  Thank you for helping.

On the single image pages, we show images at a maximum 750px square. We save our images at a maximum 1920×1200 so that viewers can a click a popup to see the image full screen in the desktop browser window. Keep in mind these dimensions when uploading; small images are hard to read.

We accept jpeg and png files at the moment. You can upload any resolution image up to 10mb in file size to the site. We will take care of the rest. We also strip all the metadata and other information from the images before saving them and presenting them on the website for privacy and security. We do not save the original image uploaded to the site.

*embed Vimeo or YouTube BTS videos.