Updating TV Shows & Episodes

ShotOnWhat? is developing a tool to allow you to update multiple episodes at once. This tool is still in early development. The following will give you some guidelines for successful use.

A common example; on season 2 of some show, they started using another brand of cameras. One way you could do this – find the show you want, go to that season and choose the first show of season 2. Hit the update button.

Make all the change you know apply to season 2. When you get to the bottom of the update form, you will find an area to allow you to pick seasons and episodes. Choose season 2 only, and submit your changes.

We will process all the changes in a batch, anything that is unselected will be removed for that show. This also applies to selecting an item.

For example, you have noticed that season 4 of that show has a lens used, but it really wasn’t. You also notice that the lens that was used is not listed. You would select the lens used and deselect the lens that was not used. And while you are there, you decide to also add film stock or digital recorder.

It is best to update only one season at a time. Too many episodes being updated on  one submission will cause significant delays as the system processes the episodes.