ShotOnWhat? Announces New Features for the Motion Picture and Television Production Industry

ShotOnWhat? Announces New Features for the Motion Picture and Television Production Industry

BURBANK, California (June 7, 2013) – The recent release of ShotOnWhat? beta .3 includes new features designed to enhance both the breadth and depth of information and the ease of use by contributors to this ever-growing compendium of information related to production and post-production aspects of filmmaking. ShotOnWhat? has added many new categories to the system, including Camera Rental, Audio Facilities, Monitoring, Grip & Lighting Companies to name a few. 

An important new feature just added, Groups, allows equipment and other tools used during filming to be associated and annotated which provides insight into the solutions chosen by production for a specific look, effect or process.

Created to be the central repository and historical archive about equipment, processes, stories and facts of the technical aspects of the movie industry, ShotOnWhat? is currently collecting 75 categories of information, from the simplest aspect of a production to the variety of complex solutions for the entertainment production industry. 

As people continue to find how useful ShotOnWhat? has become, more and more professionals are making contributions to the archive. This collaborative and sustained value comes from the participation by experienced and seasoned craftsmen with rich history and great memories to share with future generations.

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About ShotOnWhat?

Making its debut in late 2012, ShotOnWhat? is the only in-depth production and post-production knowledgeBase for the industry, developed to fill a much needed gap for the technical side of the industry. ShotOnWhat? has created the most extensive and comprehensive framework for the collection of often unrecorded technical information related to the creation of entertainment programming; a reference site for in-depth recording and research of the relationship between the final delivered product and the many associated processes and products used during filming and post-production.