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ShotOnWhat? has created the most extensive and comprehensive framework for the collection of often unrecorded technical information related to the creation of entertainment programming; a reference site for in-depth recording and research of the relationship between the final delivered product and the various associated processes and products used during filming and post-production.

Our goal is to collect, collate, cross link, reference and graph as much data as we can find or that others contribute. This includes information obtained from any number of sources, including the production companies involved, the crew, the facilities providers, manufacturers, rental companies and other publicly available resources.

In the Spring of 2012 the idea began, and on September 17, 2012 we made the site publicly available. We started this site because we noticed that a fair amount of history is being lost, or relegated to arcane or inaccessible resources.

Considering the current crossover to digital workflows and various complexities involved in the process, as well as the constant change, we created this site because we thought it would be useful, and from that thought, the site grew into this…

  • Collect and preserve the extensive history of film and television technical tools used
  • Focus on the production and post-production aspects of filmmaking
  • Provide an accessible and comprehensive resource of technology
  • Grow the data by encouraging first hand reporting on technology
  • Document innovative or imaginative new production achievements
  • Record anecdotes and stories to preserve for history
  • Over 4200 technical items have been included across 91 categories (Sept.2019)

How you can help

ShotOnWhat? will always make the information we collect available without registration or fee. We are primarily funded by sponsorships and advertising.

We invite you to sponsor and advertise on ShotOnWhat? We are committed to providing the best motion picture and technical database information.

If you would like to promote your organization and/or products this is the right opportunity for you to showcase your products and services.

In addition and most importantly, your support for historical preservation is highly appreciated.

How you can participate in ShotOnWhat?

  • Advertise or Sponsor ShotOnWhat?
  • Keep your projects updated
  • Encourage staff and crew to take a moment to update their craft for the related production
  • Spread the word – Tell everyone you know to visit the site and follow us on


  • A place in history
  • An image and contact info on our site
  • One year of ad placement rotating on all the sites’ pages
  • Special branding page for your equipment or services
  • Promotional or special articles posted to the site blog section

What else do you get

  • All of your products included as elements in our database which results in the association with productions, movies or television, both past and future
  • Exposure to the most qualified audience available
  • Sponsors are helping preserve the historical information of the movie making process
  • Allows highlighting of little known items
  • Priority inclusion of sponsor’s equipment and services
  • Priority inclusion of films added to ShotOnWhat?
  • Helping a really cool (useful) project

Get involved in ShotOnWhat? today

Help us succeed! We want you to have an impact on the development of ShotOnWhat?.

Your support and contributions are vital to our growth and success.

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